encaustic is a very old way of painting.




i use a medium which is made from 100% beeswax, preferably filtered, mixed with damar resin to create a harder material, encaustic paint, oil paint, raw pigment powder, and oil pastel. 

working in encaustics, every artist creates his own techniques through experimenting with lots of different materials and tools. it's in the doing, a famous architect and designer once said, and this is so very true.  this piece looks like woven structures, similar to fabric.  the thin colored threads you see are colored cuts in the wax, which are fused to the surrounding wax and then covered with other layers of wax and so on. that creates the fascinating depth where you see theses thin threads in different layers appear and disappear. sometimes only shadows of them are visible.  

the fascinating part for me is the constant change of the surface, through applying the different layers with their own different "faces", which are also like hidden secrets when they get covered by the next layer, at least partially.

to me, 3-dimensional sculptures  are so interesting because they seem to be more vivid and  mysterious... ;) and one piece has 6 sides to explore.  

if you are interested in my work or have further questions, please feel free to contact me via kris.schirmer@mr-uxn.com or present me with the pleasure of a comment. 

kris schirmer