proven benefits of eating healthy

  1. Permanent weight loss
  2. No more following a diet
  3. More energy
  4. Prevent diseases.
  5. Better sleep -
  6. No more feeling guilty because of eating
  7. Improve sex life.
  8. Prevent heart disease.
  9. Cleaning toxins.
  10. Nice looking skin
  11. Reduce appearance of cellulite.
  12. Cures PMS
  13. Reduction of aging impact
  14. Reduction of cholesterol
  15. Reduction of load on the liver and digestive system

the most delicious/lekker/mouth watering diet
- the water melon diet!

the coolest website about food and diet ever!

It is important to eat a well-balanced, healthy diet. Eating healthily is not necessarily about making drastic changes to eating habits. It is more to do with making small adjustments that can make a real difference. 

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          size of the portion matters! 

     are you on

use twitter for more information - follow these tweeters to find daily tips, infos and ideas about keep yourself healthy!  

good luck and fun with your new way of eating! 
with metta


a little bit morE about myself and wonderful people i met in my life ....

a little bit morE about myself and wonderful people i met in my life ....

;) kris

yes, never forget to smile!
especially when the times are tough, smile and your heart will sing! dancing also helps to relax!
enjoy and celebrate your life, nobody else will do it for you!

to all of you - thanks to you being a part of my life

PHELIX KNOPPH, the sweetest dog ever, whom i adopted christmas 2009.

faina fraynt, one of the most wonderful menschen* and teacher i met in my life!
sadly she passed away last sunday - but she always will stay in my heart!

*Mensch (Yiddish: מענטש mentsh, German: Mensch, for human being) means "a person of integrity and honor"

... and this is us - the class she taught -
we were a great team!
this is the collage i made for her ...


some of my german friends
... regine

and monika
  who lives in munich, the town where i grew up and studied architecture ...
these ladies are very, very multifarious

daniel, a very good friend and photographer, who lives in munich too.
he is just my best male friend - wise, cool and a 

brilliant photographer!

                                .... in munich/MUENCHEN!

that's where we have met - in a typically bavarian so called "KNEIPE"

my very best friends from australia 
TINA & FRANK  ;)))
this in munich in the ENGLISCHER GARTEN [ENGLISH GARDEN] when they cruised europe. 

a flower for ALL OF YOU ! 

ALSO IN AUSTRALIA ... I HAVE MET the most amazing and wisest woman ever:  Venerable SISTER AJAHN VAYAMA, the abbess of DHAMMASARA NUNS MONASTERY i met her on my second trip when i traveled WESTEN AUSTRALIA 
[that's when they talk about that beauty comes from inside!;) ... i know ajahn brahm would laugh now .... grin ;)]
Venerable Ajahn Brahmavamso [wise & bold in his words, which i love!], Abott of Bodhinyana Monastery, near PERTH. I am deeply grateful that i had the possibility to meet and talk to both of them.
when you ever should have the chance to see/meet with them, do it. when you live in perth, you can consider yourself more than lucky.

hups and who do we have here?
myself + frau papenbrink
- michaela 

(some years ago ... ;) 

                             kris + michaela

& that's NATALIA
, my best  russian friend, celebrating "good bye" in a bar with me back in germany-
just before i left for america. 
she is not only a cool woman, no, she is in deed a tough computer geek!
that was my bachelorette party, i would say! ;) kris
my soul mate almuth - Almuth Petersen-Roil - , who also lives in good old munich - muenchen!
we totally share the best humour on earth - when we are together, no eye stays dry! lol


KRIS ;) shortly after MY ARRIVAL in this country ;) up on the skyline blvd.

kristina michaela ingeborg schirmer

and KIM the wisest woman and best girlfriend here in the us!
i love her for her open mind!

she is in uganda at the moment - will she return and healthy and bring back a big smile ! ;)

... of course there are many more fascinating and wonderful people in my life
..... i will introduce them to you another time!

from our last trip to the baja california ... does anyone know what kind of fish this is?


"4 women in ONE boat to AFRICA" - OFF THEY ARE!

"4 women in ONE boat to AFRICA" - OFF THEY ARE!

and the rest of the "crew" left the san francisco bay area yesterday, august/13th/2009, to visit uganda, the cities of kampala and masaka!

please, read the article

"4 women in ONE boat to AFRICA"!

i wish them all the best for their trip and good out coming in all their deeds.
my thoughts are with all of them. will they come back healthy, happy and with interesting stories and photographs, which i will present to you as soon as they will be back!
a huge "THANK YOU!" to all the relatives, friends and last but not least to the "strangers" who made this project work!
i am so proud of you kim!
with metta kris




A leading innovative designer, Clodagh, creates environments as art to live in. Her trademark: inventive and sensitive use of materials. She emphasizes the unexpected, exploits the natural aging process to insure low maintenance, and pursues "total design". For her, design and life involve all the senses: sound, sight, touch, smell, taste, and all the elements: earth, water, fire, air, as well as the intangible.
Born in Ireland, she started her own fashion design company at age 17 and within two years was one of Ireland's leading couturieres. With a passion for "total design" she collaborated with the local craft artisans of weaving, knitting and fabric painting for 12 years exporting her designs, accessories and fabrics worldwide.
Clodagh moved naturally from fashion to architectural design. In Spain she founded a design company landing projects which ranged from hotel and spa complexes to landscaping and interior design. Cooperating with conservationists, she expressed her environmental concerns through energy efficient housing which employed solar and wind energy. In 1983 she moved to New York and opened Clodagh Design International, a design showroom and studio in lower Manhattan. She has completed major commercial projects as well as residential, retail, office, salon and corporate image projects throughout the United States and Europe. In 1995, Clodagh was named one of the worlds 100 leading interior designers by Architectural Digest, and was inducted to the Interior Design Magazine Hall of Fame in 2000.


an amazing guy with an amazing idea ....

Ben Kaufman's Accomplishments

... and i have learnt a new word today! QUIRKY

"Everyone has an idea," says 21-year-old serial entrepreneur Ben Kaufman. "Every day, people walk around going, Wouldn't it be cool if...I want to harness those ideas and let people have a forum."

Kaufman did that as the founder of Mophie, a start-up that makes innovative iPod accessories. But he needed to outdo himself.

Plenty of 18-year-olds have ideas;  Ben Kaufman made his happen.
Plenty of 18-year-olds have ideas; Ben Kaufman made his happen.
Instead of setting up a traditional display booth at last year's Macworld convention, Kaufman handed out pads and pencils and invited attendees to sketch the products they wanted. Hundreds of people participated. Within 72 hours, Kaufman and his team had created three finished products, including one by 17-year-old Jared Fiovorich. The Bevy—a protective case for the iPod Shuffle that multitasks as a key ring, earbud wrap, and bottle opener—has outsold Mophie's other products four to one. That kind of response proves Kaufman's point: "Together we can all make better decisions."

Kaufman started Mophie when he was a high school senior with an idea to produce the Song Sling, a case for the iPod Shuffle that you wear around your neck. Plenty of 18-year-olds have ideas; Kaufman made his happen. "I convinced my mom and dad to remortgage the house," he says, "and they gave me the $185,000 in equity and let me give it a shot."

Says his mother, Mindy, "When you see someone who has a dream and a great idea, you don't want to stifle it."

The $39.95 Song Sling turned out to be a success, and Kaufman ultimately designed and manufactured 22 other products. In order to keep the buzz going, he says, "I needed to hit the shelf with a new product within four weeks after each new iPod model dropped." This meant a lot of trips to the factory in China.

To ensure that his exacting standards were met, he'd sit in front of the machines as the parts were coming out, saying "no," "yeah," "maybe," "closer." He pushed supervisors to speed up production times and stuck to his guns when they wanted to cut corners and raise prices.

What often motivates him, Kaufman admits, is danger. "Our accountant once called me in and said, 'Ben, we'll be out of money in two weeks,' and I was like, Yes! That's what gets me going." Adds product engineer Peter Wadsworth, "There are two things that inspire Ben: lots of money and no money."

Kaufman decided last year to change his business in a big way. He sold the Mophie product line and rolled the proceeds into Kluster, a virtual forum that allows consumers and businesses to collaborate on the design of products and services.

He launched Kluster at this year's TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference in Monterey, California, inviting the elite gathering of "thinkers and doers"—2,700 people from 104 countries—to log on to Kluster's computer system and brainstorm a new product. Given a few guidelines on size and materials, they decided what to create (a board game about climate change), wrote a deck of question cards, and came up with a name, logo, and marketing strategy.

Just 72 hours after the exercise began, Kaufman went onstage with a fully rendered prototype of the game, Over There, telling the audience, "This is what you guys made."

As Kaufman envisions Kluster, companies that want to create a new product will use the platform ( to put out a challenge to a relevant group of consumers—mothers, say, if a company is designing a new toy, or action-sports fans if it's planning an event for Red Bull—and offer a cash reward for a winning concept. Participants will be able to propose ideas (called sparks), suggest refinements (amps), and "invest" in ideas they believe in, using an alternate currency (watts).

Kaufman and his team are still tweaking the software and preparing to launch several projects for corporate clients.

And after that? "I want to build another company within Kluster," says Kaufman, "where all the products will be consumer-generated and there will be a café where people can talk about ideas. I've got so many ideas ..."

Getting Ahead with Ben Kaufman

What was your first business?
When I was 12, I started BK Media—a really creative name. My mom was a product merchandiser. She'd created this huge point-of-purchase merchandising system for a cosmetics company that took six hours to set up. I said, "What if I make a video so you don't have to send people—you can just send the DVD showing how to install it?" I finagled my way into making all these videos for big companies and wound up making a ton of money.

Do people ask you for business advice?
Yes, and I don't necessarily like it. What I can give them is just this one piece: I can't tell you if your business is good, I can't tell you if your idea is good, but I can tell you that if you feel passionate about it, do it and don't be afraid to fail. In fact, failure should motivate you—that's what it does for me.

Why did you drop out of college your freshman year?
I learn a ton more on a daily basis here at Kluster and on the streets than I would in a classroom. I'd rather do it and fail, and do it again.

Do you have a business philosophy?
I'm a firm believer that you don't have to be the first or the only one—you just haveto be the best.

Will you get bored with Kluster?
Our investors have always worried about my short attention span. But when I pitched them, I said, "If we build Kluster correctly, any idea I have—for a business or a product—can be put through Kluster." That's what's cool about it.

How do you spend your downtime?
I'm a Facebook addict. I don't really understand the business, but I understand the product. I love the product.

Why are you so confident?
Confidence comes from not being afraid to fail. And when I do fail, I just say, Okay, I'll fix it.

From Reader's Digest - June 2008


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